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Welcome to the Cobweb of Stories Entangled

If you stumbled upon this blog, either you know who I am and what to expect – or you don’t and is extremely confused.

I am Etherdrone – your humble master of ceremonies – and I tell stories.

Do you like stories? Then I shall tell them to you. Feel free to shout back at me. I do that to other people a lot.

Not a whole lot to write over here yet… so I’ll update as I go. This text is a placeholder for now anyways, might as well delete it when I feel like it and trade it for something a little bit more interesting, like waffles or something.


3 thoughts on “Home

  1. hello etherdrone! 😀 I’ve been following your Touhou fanfic(still not done reading it and english is not my native language). Anyways I’ve been struggling to research and study the franchise and not writing the damn story, so maybe you could give me an advice? I don’t care if its rude or cynical advice. Thanks 🙂

    P.S. I had to mentally slap myself with the lack of proper introduction. My FF profile is BokusuKanon
    and I’m new to the FF legion.

    • Well, in order to write a proper fanfic about a certain franchise, you need to know about it before you start writing. The problem with Touhou is also its saving grace: the diversity and the scope of the whole thing. You can write about so much; and yet everything is more than it seems and there’s little that the author himself say about the different details of it all.
      So the general rule of thumb that goes with Touhou is to respect the meta, at least. Knowing who the main characters are and what they did, and considering the fact they can do it all again if need be is important. Having a grasp on basic personality traits are also required and, of course, no one likes when the “all-mighty power balance of Gensokyo is disturbed”. I myself got a few sneers thrown at me when I added my OC to the world and the breaking of the meta he inspired.
      However, if handled properly and without it being in poor taste, those are the basic rules you need to follow. I’m glad to know someone that reads Touhou Chronicles came to this blog! I’m still writing it, by the way – keep a look out for more stuff to come soon!

      • Thank you, Eths!(that’ll be your nickname btw) for the advice. I’ll make sure to keep them in as I come up with my own formula for my fic-I’ll see if I can come with something from that…(without blatantly ripping off ohoho)

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